The mission at uSolar is to utilize recent advances in solar technology to secure a first mover advantage in mobile energy independence. With an ever increasing dependency on fossil fuels from the conventional power grid, the deteriorating state of this system becomes apparent. As society gains a better understanding of the problems this poses, changes in consumer behavior are likely to cause major shifts in the energy market.

Managed by CEOs Casimir Galiszewski and Jonathon Pierson, the uSolar team has already developed significant brand equity in the local energy market. By working with well-established partners, such as Resilience Power Solutions and Third Sun Solar, opportunities have been created for this first year startup to grow at an astounding rate in the coming year. Management expects this rapid growth to come from our development and fulfillment of custom orders, which we facilitate, design, and fabricate in house. With the support of a team of students from the Ohio University Russ College of Engineering, management hopes to properly facilitate this growth as the company branches off from our flagship service: solar powered phone charging. uSolar provides this service at music festivals, concerts, and local community gatherings, where our target demographics tend to be most prominent. Green energy is highly appealing to the younger generations, as is the recently burgeoning live music industry.  uSolar has capitalized on these trends to quickly establish a firm reputation with these key local demographics, which has distinguished it from competitors.